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Ocean Stars Falling


'Elven Princess' Cat Armour by Jeff De Boer (x)

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Hi, this is Jin and welcome to How To Secure Your Hair Under A Wig Especially Short Wigs If You Have Really Long Hair Like Really Long

No pins or braids or hair products or anything!


Basically me

except Asian

You may call me

Jin the Human

I get a lot of questions about the length of my hair, and I think an appropriate response is something James Jean jokingly said when asked about his longer hair during one of his talks that I attended: “I just left it alone and I didn’t think it would become this beautiful.” Yup, that’s pretty much it.

Also at some point I wanted to look like an elf from LotR. I think my hair has grown more fabulous than Elrond’s now.

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Dress by www.chotronette.com


Dress by www.chotronette.com

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Hairstyles of Tang Dynasty Women

"In early Tang, hair ornaments were rather simple, but during the reign of Emperor Taizong the buns got higher and higher and the number of styles grew." (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, 77)

"During the earlier years of Emperor Xuanzong’s rule, the Tartar hat was fashionable, but in the later years…many women opted for switch buns (also called ‘false buns’). In late Tang and the Five Dynasties, the high buns were often decorated with different kinds of flowers." (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, 77)

“Ponytails were also quite popular among a small number of aristocratic ladies during the years of Tian Bao (Xuangzong’s reign). (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, pg. 84)

“Common women…preferred the ‘tossing-up bun’, with the hair at the temples embracing the buns were made higher and higher, and were decorated with flowers, which heralded the popularity of the flowery hats of the early Song Dynasty.” (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, pg. 84 )


"Women of the Tang Dynasty paid particular attention to facial appearance, and the application of powder or even rouge was common practice. Some women’s foreheads were painted dark yellow and the dai (a kind of dark blue pigment) was used to paint their eyebrows into different shapes that were called dai mei(painted eyebrows) in general.” (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, 77)

"…between the brows there was a colourful decoration called hua dian, which was made of specks of gold, silver and emerald feather. Some women painted their cheeks with motifs such as a moon or a coin, and their lips were also rouged.” (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, 77)

"[The hua dian was] said to have originated in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. […] In the Tang Dynasty, hua dian was either painted or made of tiny metal pieces.” (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, pg. 86)

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Dagger with scabbard

  • Maker: unknown
  • Dated: early 19th century
  • Place of Origin: Boka Kotorska, Montenegro
  • Medium: iron or steel and silver, chased
  • Measurements: blade length: 20.3 cm

Source: Copyright © 2014 Wallace Collection

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generator results saved in a google doc:

The story is about miserable travelers. It starts on a toxic world. The crux of the story involves a repentance. Monsters on a rampage play a major part in the story.

The story is about a scribe, a watchful grave robber, a demonologist, and a drunken druid. It starts in a magical universe. The story begins with a holiday celebration and ends with someone taking a bath.




The witch’s pantry

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Things almost every author needs to research



  • How bodies decompose
  • Wilderness survival skills
  • Mob mentality
  • Other cultures
  • What it takes for a human to die in a given situation
  • Common tropes in your genre
  • Average weather for your setting


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Zodiac Expressions of Rage

♈ Aries: Violent outbursts, verbal aggression (at times physical), wall punching, volatile impulsivity, confrontation, temper tantrums, complete ego centrism, impatience, nerves, hyperactivity, Aries will calm down the quickest after rage
♉ Taurus: Confrontational, aggressive (verbally), expect a tongue lashing, overwhelming feelings of rage, anxiety, temper tantrums, vindictive thoughts and compulsive/indulgent behaviour (cleaning/over eating). Taurus will take the longest to calm down from rage
♊ Gemini: Violent and volatile outbursts, physical tantrums - such as kicking in a door or screaming blue murder, followed then complete dissociation/sense of calm and amnesia, nerves and anxiety, racing thoughts, hyperactivity, expect the dual 'twin' to emerge, confusion
♋ Cancer: Verbal outbursts, trembling, shaking, tears, anxiety, ruminating thoughts, stomach pain and digestive discomfort, sweating, can find it hard to express words, isolation
♌ Leo: Temperamental outbursts, theatrics, dramatic displays of emotions - sobbing, screaming, hysteria, hostile, confrontational, firm and hurtful language, challenging
♍ Virgo: Tremors/shaking, racing thoughts, increased compulsions (cleaning, hair twirling), cold and aloof, uncharacteristic violence, breaking objects, hyperactivity, inability to sit still, Virgo can hold onto their anger for quite long periods
♎ Libra: Expect them to scream blue murder and become verbally hostile, nerves, tremors, racing thoughts, detached, irrationality, self isolation, rejection, loss of emotional control
♏ Scorpio: Hostility, persecutory delusions, thoughts of revenge, violence (physical and verbal) overwhelming feelings of rage and violence, firm but hurtful words, confrontational, breaking belongings, lose touch with reality/irrationality
♐ Sagittarius: Violent impulsivity, verbal aggression, hurtful outbursts, they tend to become tongue tied when they are angry, can burst into laughter inappropriately, make life changing decisions
♑ Capricorn: Clear expression of frustration, shaking, verbal outbursts and aggression, compulsive behaviour (cleaning, organising belongings), exhaustion, isolation, loss of emotional control
♒ Aquarius: Violent and volatile outbursts (verbal, physical - such as kicking in a door) then complete dissociation and amnesia, rapid thoughts, hyperactivity, confusion with interpreting the emotions
♓ Pisces: Pisces can yell in loud voices and use some hurtful verbal quips, tendency to escape from their own bodies, anxiety, irrationality, dramatization, self isolation, overwhelming uncomfortable emotions, crying, loss of emotional control
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Introducing Moooh!! ♥ Asian fashion online store | free & fast worldwide shipping

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(via A Softer World: 294)

(via A Softer World: 294)



Evening Dress

House of Drecoll



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Amethyst / Copper Elven Ear Cuffs

Pieces of fine amethyst are attached to this elven ear cuff. Crafted out of non-tarnish copper wire, the ear cuff is accented by small swirls and requires no ear piercings to be worn. Sold on Etsy.

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